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🙀Cat Adoptions, etc.😻

Hello Cat Crazys!

We've introduced so many "kewl" new features on our site in 2019. We are totally stoked and excited. In addition to our new Rewards Program, we are especially proud to have begun working with City the Kitty, Inc., and

From now on, whenever you are ready to adopt a cat, all you have to do is drop onto this page, scroll to the very bottom, click the Adopt-a-Cat link, and be matched with an eligible rescue kitty in your area! Awesome.

We here at Cat Crazy are so happy and proud to be able to help some cats find "furever" homes and others avoid painful, potentially crippling declaw surgery. It is truly an honor for us to play a small part in helping to save cats and make families happy. We're Cat-Matchmakers!💝

cat lying on the street

On this page, you can also keep track of the amount we generate to help save cats from the crippling pain of declawing with sales made from the store. Take a look at the "Impact Calculator" at the top of the page and know that each and every purchase you make does indeed, help real cats in the real world. And we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts😘!


G.G. and The Team

P.S. Do also check out our Rewards Program and Let's move that counter up there, A.S.A.P! They need us. Be sure to tell EVERYONE: NEVER declaw!


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