About Us

Welcome to Cat Crazy. This store is for people who love Cats and All Animals. It's also for people who love people who love Cats.

Once upon a time, I was strictly "Team Dog".  Until I discovered my home, which was an old church at the time that had been converted to a loft, had been invaded by a rogue rat. Not that I'm afraid of rats, au contraire. However, much to my horror and dismay, the rat was not content to limit himself to traversing the house via the rafters only. Nay, he wanted to share my living quarters in the main space. He was asking way too much.

Enter adorable 6 months old, "tuxedo" kitten, Poopoo. Exit rabid, rogue rat, whatever your name was. Forever and ever. Amen! Shortly afterward, I found myself in love with this mysterious and intelligent being. The rest is history.


Here at Cat Crazy,  customer service is our top priority. Our mission is to bring you the niftiest and most unique cat-themed products in the world. All for the best price and with super responsive customer care!

Cat Crazy seriously cares about our feline companions. That's why a portion of each and every sale is donated to shelter and rescue our feral and furry friends. We also support efforts to ban the cruel practice of declawing. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you~GG and the Team!


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