ATTN: Cat Loving Humans...Our sitewide "TREASURE HUNT" is ON!!!

To celebrate our Grand Opening, we "Cat Crazys" are hosting a "TREASURE HUNT". The winner will receive $50-$100 toward any product(s), including shipping, in the store. Stay with me for the rules. They're super simple!

With that said - Participate NOW. Because you never know...

Somewhere on this site, one of our super sneaky staffers has placed 2 unique "nuggets". Each "nugget" appears only once on the site. For each "nugget" found, you receive a discount code worth $50. Find one or find both and the $$$ is all yours!!! Send us a message or e-mail stating what the "nugget" is and where you found it and we will send you the discount code. Just that simple. We are even going to give you 3 hints below...

  1. The "nuggets" are considered text.
  2. They are not on the same page.
  3. They are not on this page.

Just find the "nuggets"! The "HUNT" will continue until both "nuggets" are located. At that point, it will be shut down for a very long time. Perhaps forever. After all, we can't have a treasure hunt once everyone knows what to look for and where to look for it, can we?

The winner(s) will be announced and featured on our Facebook fanpage.

At this point, I'd like to wish all of my fellow "Cat Crazys" the best of luck. Find those NUGGETS and claim your TREASURE TODAY!!!

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