Declawing - The Unbiased Truth

Declawing - The Unbiased Truth

Prompted by a conversation with a dear, deceased friend and cat-lover, during which my cat began clawing the rug. Really minor. I stated that if she didn't cut it out, I'd have her declawed. He gave me one of the most horrified looks I'd ever seen and told me it was the equivalent of amputating your finger at the last knuckle. I assured him that I was only joking and he calmed down.

Although I did not verbalize it at the time, I decided then to research the facts of what many vets make to seem an innocuous, elective surgery. Akin perhaps to spaying or neutering. The facts were jarring and heartbreaking. And I still can't bear to see the photos. This post addresses only about 50% of the factual details I discovered. Which are more than enough to dissuade any true cat-lover.

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