Last & Final Clue for $100 GIVEAWAY

$100 GIVEAWAY-The Last & Final Clue...MAYBE It's been 3 months since we announced this $100 GIVEAWAY. What an absolute BOMB!!! A few people checked it out but we didn't receive a single, solitary guess as to what or where our nuggets could be. In a last-ditch effort to breathe life into a heretofore failed experiment, we have decided to release the final clue. Unless we come up with some more in the future...Who knows. After so many clues, the riddle becomes far too easy to solve. Hence the hesitation to release this 4th and possibly final clue. On that note, I...

Mar 14, 2018

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We're Giving Away $50-$100 !!!

To celebrate our Grand Opening, we "Cat Crazys" are hosting a "TREASURE HUNT". The winner will receive $50-$100 toward any product(s), including shipping, in the store. Read this blog post for the rules. They're super simple!
Jan 13, 2018

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